May 26, 2017


Introducing The Ease-In Inflatable Hangout Lounger!

 We at eFizzle love deals and comfort so we are extremely excited to bring you the hottest summer must have! Check out our Ease-In Inflatable Hangout Lounger!!!

The Ease-In is an inflatable lounger that is going to "ease in" a lot more fun in all your summer activities! Before you roll your eyes at the thought of the hassle of filling it up with air, let us explain how it works and why it is the best portable lounger ever!

The Ease-In inflates within seconds without requiring a pump or your lung! It is made of high quality nylon and is waterproof which makes it perfect to hang around in at the beach! But this amazing product is not just a beach lounger, you can use the Ease-In to lounge around at home, at the poolside, parks, outdoor festivals or any other place you feel like lounging around! :D You can use Ease-In on any smooth surface!

Our Ease-In lounger lasts for about an afternoon on a single fill. In case you want it to last a bit longer than that, you may top the bag up with a little bit of air, or twist the top of the Hangout downwards one more time to fully re-pressurize the bag.

Ease-In is designed to give you an experience of a comfortable lounger away from home. It is designed to last only a few hours as a portable lounger and hence, can not be used as a portable bed since it isn't designed as an air mattress. :P

Ease-In can take up to 440lbs/200kg of load. In windy environments when you are not sitting on the lounger we recommend that you secure the Ease-In lounger by tying it to something heavy or by putting your bags on top so that it doesn't blow away. :D

We do not recommend using the Ease-In Lounger in water. Even though it is completely waterproof and can float on the water, It is not designed to be a water safety device.

Ease-In is as easy to flatten as it is to inflate! You just have to undo the clip at the opening and roll that back out, then from the other side start rolling it in towards the opening while letting out the air easily. Roll it all the way and then fold it in half and put it back in the portable carry bag and it's ready for your next adventure!

Click Here to get yours NOW!

May 23, 2017


Must Try!!! Ten Piece Oval Brush Set

The beauty community has been buzzing with raving reviews of the all new oval makeup brush sets! Have you tried them yet?

Our 10 Piece Oval Makeup Brush Set is a must have for all the beautiful ladies out there! They are super soft and will apply your makeup quickly and efficiently! 

10 brushes means it has everything you need to do a full face of makeup from foundation to detailed eye makeup! 

 We hear, once you try these you will never use the regular brushes again! 

Here is what you can do with each one of these beauties!

Oval 10 

This giant brush is perfect for applying setting power and works incredibly for body makeup too since the large size helps apply it very quickly to larger areas! 

Oval 9 

Oval 9 is great for applying foundation. It creates an airbrushed finish! Since the brush is very dense your foundation won't seep in the brush so you will need very little product which is an added advantage!

Oval 8

Oval 8 brush is perfect for seamlessly applying blush and bronzer. It works for both cream and powder formula.

Oval 7

Oval 7 works great for all your contour needs. The size is just right to carve your cheekbones perfectly and achieve a chiseled movie star look! 

The four face brushes (7,8,9 and 10) could be used interchangeably for applying any of your face products as per your ease and preferences.

Oval 6 

Oval 6 brush works great for under eye concealer! Its oval shape and densely packed bristles will make your under-eyes look flawless! 

Elongated Oval 5 

This brush is perfect for depositing color on your lid as well as blending your eye shadow in your crease. It also is very useful in creating smokey eyes since the narrow oval shape helps apply the shadow close to your lash line and smudges it effortlessly!

Elongated Oval 4 

This brush works great for nose contour. The narrow shapes works as a guideline in creating the perfect lines as well as blends the makeup like a dream! It could also be used for creating a detailed eye look like cut crease. 

Elongated Oval 3

This narrow oval brush is great for applying eyeliner and brow products. It also works great for applying brow highlight. 

Round 2 

Round 2 works great with concealer to cover up any blemishes or marks. The fluffy round shape can also be used to blend eye shadow. 

Round 1 

This brush works great for applying cream lip color. The round shape helps you draw and define a perfect cupid's bow with any lip color of your choice for a perfect pout. 


Brushes 1-6 can be used interchangeably for creating any detailed makeup or eye makeup look depending on your preference.

Click Here to get yours now! Available in Rose Gold and Black!


Are you excited to try these? What are some of your favorite makeup brushes? 

Let us know in the comments down below!

May 16, 2017


New Color & Graphic Changing Mugs - A Perfect Gift for Anyone in Your Life!

A morning cup of coffee/tea can make or break your day! We at eFizzle have brought you a collection of color and graphic changing mugs that will make you want to throw out your current mugs and get these instead!!! :D

These ceramic mugs are made from food safe heat sensitive material. Pour hot liquid to change the color and graphic on your mug. The design will gradually go back to the original graphic when the beverage cools down.  

These will make a perfect gift for anyone and everyone in your life!

Wake Up Graphic Changing Mug

For the person who can't wake up without their daily cup of caffeine! 

HOT or NOT Color & Graphic Changing Mug

For the daredevil who doesn't pay attention to heat warnings!

 Hot & Cold Color Changing Mug

Tetris Color & Graphic Changing Mug

For the vintage game lover in your life


World Color & Graphic Changing Mug

For the travel enthusiast

Monday Color & Graphic Changing Mug

For some one who hates Mondays! Garfield loves this one we hear :D 

Palm Print Color Changing Mug

For the Murder Mystery Lover 

Time For Love Color Changing Mug

For your partner 


Idea Bulb Color & Graphic Changing Mug

For the genius in your life


Wake-up and Make-up Color & Graphic Changing Mug

For the beauty queen

I LOVE YOU Color & Graphic Changing Mug

For someone you love!

ECG Color & Graphic Changing Mug

Hourglass Cherish Time Color & Graphic Changing Mug

A gentle reminder for yourself maybe?

WIFI Color Changing Heat Mug

For someone who can not live without wifi or the internet

Smart Phone Color & Graphic Changing Mug

For someone who can't live without their smart phone

LIKE Coffee Color & Graphic Changing Mug

For the social media buff

Recharge Your Battery Color & Graphic Changing Mug

This one would make a perfect gift for anyone in your life, since we all need to recharge every morning!

Tank-Up Color Changing Mug

A reminder to tank up for someone who forgets or skips breakfast! 

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below :)

May 10, 2017


Stay Safe - Avoid Glare-Related Accidents!

A survey done by US Department of transportation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that over 9000 crashes and accidents are caused by GLARE every year!!! That's one too many!

Let's reduce that number together by taking all the necessary precautions!

Our HD Day and Night Anti-Glare Vehicle Visor is a must have to avoid any glare-related accidents for all the drivers out there!

The 2-in-1 feature of this visor is that it's perfect for DAY and NIGHT!

The darker lens of our HD Day and Night Anti-Glare Visor will reduce blinding glare from the sun during the day while giving you a clear vision and enhancing your driving experience.

The lighter lens of the visor helps minimize effects of blinding high beams from headlights while you drive peacefully at night.

The anti-glare visor is very easy to install since it clips on to any sun visor in seconds!!!

Click Here to get yours now!

Now you can experience evenly balanced colors with improved clarity and contrast without worrying about any type of flare! This car visor will give you peace-of-mind and an increased feeling of safety so you can keep your eyes on the road and enjoy the ride.

April 28, 2017


Packing Tips To Help You Stay Organized While You Travel!

Most of us enjoy travelling but hate the idea of packing! It's so hard to stay organized while you travel. Some of us tend to over-pack while others forget things at home or lose things on the trip!

We at eFizzle are avid travelers and today we are bringing you some excellent packing tips plus a must have item from our great selection of travel essentials and accessories.

1. Check your airlines luggage policy right after you book your tickets to avoid any unpleasant surprises like extra baggage fees.

2. Start making a list of things you will need on your phone's note app. This way if you remember something you can add things right away to your list.

3. Make a separate list of things you plan to pack in your handbag and only add the most essential items like your passport, keys etc to this list. This will help you avoid over packing.

4. Check the weather of the place you are travelling to so you can plan your outfits accordingly and have a pleasant travelling experience.

Now Let's Get Packing!

Start with our 6-Piece Water Resistant Travel Bag and Luggage Organizer Set

It has everything you need to pack your essentials and will ensure a hassle free packing and unpacking experience!

Next step? Get the smallest zippered pouch from the set and pack any medications and first aid you might need, as well as your phone charger plus any travel adapters you may need.

Get the second pouch to pack all your toiletries, hair brush, cosmetics etc. This zippered waterproof pouches are perfect to pack your swimsuits too!

In the third bag pack a pair of sleepers or any other essentials you might need. The polyester fabric of these bags also make them perfect to pack any laundry that you may have when you pack to get back home.

Use the small mesh bag to pack your underwear, socks, delicate lingerie or t shirts. 

Use the 2 large bags to neatly pack all your other clothes. These mesh bags are designed to help prevent wrinkles and keep yours clothes fresh. :) Roll wrinkle resistant items instead of folding them to save space.

They fit perfectly in a medium sized luggage and will make you look and feel fabulously organized. Click Here to get yours now!

You are all set!!! 

What are some of your favorite travel tips? Let us know in the comments down below! Checkout this post to see some of our other travel must haves!

Enjoy your vacation :)

April 28, 2017

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Travel Essentials You Need Before Your Next Adventure!

We at eFizzle love travelling and so we understand what a hassle it can be if you are not organized!

A stress free vacation requires planning, so we created this list to help you get started with the essentials you NEED before your next trip!

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April 26, 2017


Bring Spring To Your Desk!!!

Spring is here and plants absolutely liven up any space. Most of us love having plants at home and at the office, but it isn't always easy to take care of live plants.

We at eFizzle have found the perfect desk accessory and we couldn't be happier! Now you can have a plant on your desk without losing any functional space!

Yes, you read that right!!! Introducing BringSpring Grass Leaf Pen!

These gorgeous ball point pens are shaped like grass leaves and since they are made from silicone they move and sway like actual grass in wind.

You can put a bunch of them in a small plant holder and it will look like a potted plant and liven up your desk space. 

It would be a perfect decorative yet functional item for any room, be it your office, kids room, kitchen or living room! 

Live plants die, while these will continue to liven up your desk space even after the ink dries.

Click Here to bring spring to your desk now!!!

April 21, 2017


Why Send Flowers This Mother’s Day? Send A 24K Gold Plated Rose Instead!!!

A 24K Gold Plated Rose????

Yes!!! You read that right!!! 

We are extremely excited to bring you this gorgeous new product.

Introducing, The 24K Gold Plated Forever Love Rose

This gorgeous, one-of-a-kind keepsake is handcrafted from a real rose, carefully selected at its peak, treated with a delicate process to preserve its natural beauty and then plated in 24K gold. 

This would make a perfect Mother's Day gift for any mother, woman or a 'Beauty and the Beast' Fan ;)

Each 24K Gold Forever Rose is one-of-a-kind, unique and everlasting, like a mother's love <3

Each Gold Rose is created through a time consuming process with over 40 meticulous steps by skilled artisans and technicians.

 It makes the perfect gift for any occasion and a perfect decor item for any room.

Click Here to get yours now!

We can't wait for you to get one, so that you can admire it's beauty as much as we do! <3

April 19, 2017


Things To Do This Mother's Day and Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mom

Spring has sprung and Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Here is a list if things you can do this mothers day:

Surprise her with Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn't love to be pampered with breakfast in bed? We are sure your mom would appreciate this sweet gesture :)

Start with Coffee or Tea, depending or her preferences

For the Coffee Lover Mom:

I Love You Color Changing Mug


For the Tea Lover:

MANATEA Tea Infuser

Two Pack Umbrella Tea Infuser

Egg Cracker to make some french toast or good old omelette!

Time for her gifts! Here are some fuss free gift ideas:

Heart-Shaped Multicolor Zircon Rhinestone Charm Bracelet

"Owl Always Love You" Heart Pendant

Twinkle 2-in-1 Heart Necklace

24K Gold Plated Forever Love Rose

Spend the day doing your favorite activity together

  • Watch a Movie
  • Go for a walk or a hike
  • Spend the day at the beach or pool
  • Shop Online or teach her Online Shopping :D
  • Spend the day at a Spa
  • Take her to her favorite restaurant 
  • Take her for a Manicure or try some at home pampering

SensatioNail Gel Starter Kit for salon like nails at home!

End the day with a glass of wine while you watch her favorite movie or TV show together.

vinOair Wine Aerator

Be cozy in our fun Mermaid Tail Blanket while you enjoy that glass of wine and watch TV with her <3

Try the Blissful Moisturizing Gel Socks for some added pampering!

Don't forget to take lots of pictures to capture all the beautiful memories. We wish you a blissful and memorable day. Happy Mothers Day <3

April 13, 2017


7 Baking Products You NEED Right Now!

Here is a list of 10 products that you NEED right now to add some ease and fun into your baking experience.

Let's start with the essentials!

1. Egg Cracker:

Add this fun gadget to your baking routine to easily crack the eggs for all your baking needs or even just for your daily breakfast!

2. Two Pack: Non-Stick Grill and Bake Mat

We at eFizzle love this reusable and easy to clean non stick mat. It's suitable for baking as well as grilling. The no-stick Grill Mat keeps your grill clean while you make the perfect meal for your family and friends. Enjoy barbecuing more as clean up is a breeze. Clean in the dishwasher or simply wash with soap and water Go add it to your cart right now!

3. The safe glove hot surface handler

We know baking is very fun and exciting and sometimes it's hard to resist waiting for those freshly baked cookies but we want you to be safe! Oven mitts are annoying! Get our safe gloves now and enjoy the burn-free benefits of having each individual finger insulated against heat up to 540ºF (280ºC). Handle any hot surfaces with ease. 

And now some fun products, because why not? :D

4.Tasty Top Cake Pops Baking Kit:

Tasty Top is the fast and easy way to make some fancy cake pops. They would make a perfect addition for any party menu or just a fun little snack for your kids. In as little as 10 minutes, you can make your own cake pops. Tasty Top works with any store-bought cake mix. 

5. 4 Pack: Jean-Style Muffin Tops:

These cool little muffin cups would be the perfect motivation for you to bake some healthy breakfast muffins and actually lose those muffin tops! Plus they also double as a cool kitchen decor. 

6. 4 Pack: Cupcake Pedestal Set

Check out our cupcake pedestal set because we know your beautifully baked cupcakes deserves its own little throne! :D It would give a very elegant touch to your dessert table for any party or celebration.

7. Macarons Baking and Decoration Set: 

As far as we are concerned Macarons wins the patisserie beauty award! Get this set now to make some at home. Don't forget to let us know how you like it!


Happy Shopping! :D