Bring Spring To Your Desk!!!

Spring is here and plants absolutely liven up any space. Most of us love having plants at home and at the office, but it isn't always easy to take care of live plants.

We at eFizzle have found the perfect desk accessory and we couldn't be happier! Now you can have a plant on your desk without losing any functional space!

Yes, you read that right!!! Introducing BringSpring Grass Leaf Pen!

These gorgeous ball point pens are shaped like grass leaves and since they are made from silicone they move and sway like actual grass in wind.

You can put a bunch of them in a small plant holder and it will look like a potted plant and liven up your desk space. 

It would be a perfect decorative yet functional item for any room, be it your office, kids room, kitchen or living room! 

Live plants die, while these will continue to liven up your desk space even after the ink dries.

Click Here to bring spring to your desk now!!!

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