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Tax Season Got You Fidgeting?

Tax filing deadline is right around the corner. If you haven't already, now is the time to gather all the relevant documents and get your paperwork in order. 

We know all of that can get stressful and anxious. We have come up with a solution to help you get through the season.

Numerous people have observed that fidgeting calms them down or help boosts creativity. Some people tap their fingers, some like to click their pen, some fidget with objects like paper weights on their desk.

We want you to check out our anti-stress cube! This fun little tool can help you focus while allowing a fun and powerful interrelation of bodily movement, cognition, and your emotional state. 

How to use it you ask?

Click: You get 5 little buttons to click on for the pen clicker in you.

Glide: This side is based on video game joy sticks but hey, you don't have to be a gamer to enjoy gliding it.

Roll: Roll away the 3 little gears and get your creative juices flowing or roll the metal ball for some quiet fidgeting.

Spin: On the spin side you get a circular dial for you to spin away your anxiety.

Breathe: Take a deep breathe and rub away your worries. The design of it is inspired by traditional worry stones which are used to relieve anxiety by rubbing it.

Flip: On this side you get a switch to flip right at your finger tip. Flipping great right?

Research demonstrates that manipulating physical objects with the hand is known to activate the brain in ways like nothing else. This tool provides a nice little activity to keep you engaged while working. It's the perfect little accessory for your work desk.

Get Yours Here: Anti-Stress Cube

We at eFizzle love to have it on our desks. Keep this handy gadget anywhere you find yourself fidgeting, like your work desk, car, home office, travel bag. classroom, or while you Netflix and chill :) So take a deep breath and fidget away to calm your nerves and de-stress!

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