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Travel Essentials You Need Before Your Next Adventure!

We at eFizzle love travelling and so we understand what a hassle it can be if you are not organized! A stress free vacation requires planning, so we created this list to help you get started with the essentials you NEED!


1. Zipped Travel Document and Passport Holder

This travel folder is perfect to keep all your travel documents organized. It is large enough for all your boarding passes, passport, credit cards, pen, some cash and more!

2. Waterproof Expandable Folding Travel Bag 

This sleek and small pouch when expanded turns into a giant zippered tote bag and is perfect for all of you who love to shop while travelling.

3. 3-in-1 Multifunctional Travel Pillow and Tablet Holder

Air travel can be extremely uncomfortable so we decided to bring to you this 3-1 travel pillow. Its perfect to comfortably hold your tablet or to cozy up into.

4. TSA-Approved Little Red Travel Amenity Kit

Airport security doesn’t care if you dropped $46 on body wash or $3.50 on some salsa. They’ll take it all if it exceeds three ounces and it’s in your carry on. This TSA-Approved Little Red Travel Amenity Kit makes travelling easier! It includes all the little essentials you need to make your journey cozy and enjoyable!

5. Zippered 6-Pocket Hanging Toiletry Bag


This hanging travel toiletry bag is convenient to use as it has secure zipper and many pockets for easy storage. The built-in hanger makes it easy to hang in any bathroom or even in the shower! 

6. 6-Piece Water Resistant Travel Bag and Luggage Organizer Set

The 6 different sized pouches in this set helps you be organized and reminds you to pack all your essentials. Click Here to learn more.

7. Universal 3-Port USB Car Charger

This is perfect for all those road trips with your friends of family and now you won't have to fight over who gets to charge their phone first :D

8. Wallet Ninja

This 18 in 1 tool is a must have for travelling or otherwise! 

Travelling with kids?

9. Kids "On The Go" Snack Tray

The Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray provides a sturdy surface for travel treats and toys while keeping things in your car clean and organized.

10. "Kick Mat" Car Seat Protector with iPad & Drink Organizer

This transparent car seat protector is perfect for entertaining the kids on long journeys while protecting your car seats at the same time. It also has various pockets to store your drinks or tablet and other items.

What are some of your favorite travel accessories? Let us know in the comments below.

Safe Travels! :)

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  • Cassie Knight on

    These are really awesome!!

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