2 Pack: Little Man Lid Sid - Steam Releaser and Pot Lid Riser

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Little Man Lid Sid is a very handy chap to have around whenever you're cooking. He is always happy to help and he will never grumble. He may let off a little steam from time to time, but only in a good way, stopping those pans of rice and peas from boiling over.

Let off some steam in the kitchen with Lid Sid. This unique kitchen accessory hangs over the edge of a pan to keep the lid open, and you can choose to either have his hands or legs hanging out.

Just pop sid over the side of your pan and under the lid to give the contents a bit of air. You can choose to position him either face or bottom outwards (no one will judge), and allow him to quietly assist for hours.

Lid Sid is extremely useful as it helps you in releasing steam, instead of holding the lids with your hands or some cloth; this tiny man shaped device lifts the lid of the pot so that you can easily release the steam from your pressure cookers or pots. It's ideal for letting out excess heat when you leave food to simmer. It is a perfect man that helps you in the kitchen. The Lid Sid can act as an ideal gift for anyone who loves to cook and can be an interesting present than the typical cookbooks or saucepans. Add some character to your kitchen with this unique and highly useful accessory.

For times when Lid Sid needs a rest, or when you have two pans that need a hand, you'll find that Sid number two is a bonus.

  • Steam-Resistant
  • Lets off excess heat and steam
  • Props open saucepan lids
  • Lid Sid hangs out of steaming pots keeping lids ajar for cooling.
  • Made from food-safe BPA-free silicone
  • Unique and highly useful kitchen accessory
  • This comedic little figurine suffers for your cooking so you don't have to
  • Dimensions: 5.5cm x 4.5cm x 2xm
  • 2 Pack