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Pivoting Windshield Wiper With Microfiber Cloth

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Quickly wash any window to a streak free shine with the Fold-able Pivoting Windshield Wiper Brush with Microfiber Cloth! The pivoting design of the handle makes any glass surface easy to clean. These tools will make your windows and mirrors shine. The small square brush head is great for corners or tight areas.This window cleaner has long handle and pivoting microfiber head. Auto cleaning may be a real hassle, but this car cleaner will make it easier. A must have item to keep your car clean and shining.


  • Brand new and 100% microfiber, powerful and quick to clean fog or moisture
  • Long handle and pivoting head, convenient for you to wipe
  • A must own for seasonal bad weather
  • Get rid of glare from cleaning products and dust
  • Get into all the hard to reach areas
  • Microfiber material cleans spotlessly with just plain tap water