G7 Hands-Free Car Phone Charger & Bluetooth Transmitter

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This high-quality Bluetooth FM transmitter allows you to take and receive phone calls through your host device and charge it at the same time. The line input allows you to play music as well. The high-quality built-in antenna enables high fidelity audio playback. The LED display blends the transmitter in with the rest of your car dashboard controls. With features such as call echo cancellation, dual USB output voltage, and automatic memory Electronicsfunction separates the G7 from all competing products and does not compromise the overall health of your device battery!


  • LED display window
  • Line audio input
  • Charges by USB to any compatible device (phones, iPods, cameras,
    tablets, game systems and more)
  • Answer/hang up/reject/redial calls through Handsfree Bluetooth
  • Noise cancellation technology- get rid of feedback!
  • Includes complimentary auxiliary cable