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Flying Intelligent UFO LED Ball With Hand Induction Control

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It is like a toy helicopter but instead of the usual helicopter cabin and body it features a clear glass LED ball. When you turn on it, the LED lights emit a multi-colored glow! The motion-sensitive hand induction technology allows the hand sensor to give you total control! Just turn the flying UFO Ball on and the wings will start spinning. Hold it in the air and watch it rise in the sky. As it slowly comes back down just put your hand under it (without touching it) and watch it rise up into the sky again. Your hand controls the flying ball without ever needing to touch it! 


  • Multi-Colored LED Light Effects
  • Great visual appeal
  • Looks amazing at night in a darkened room
  • Therapeutic light effect
  • Automatic Induction Control - Raise or lower your hand, and it follows!
  • Flight Time: About 5-6 min
  • Battery: Rechargeable Battery (Built-in)
  • Recharge via USB cable (included)
  • Recommended For Ages 8+
  • Makes an Amazing Gift!
  • Includes: (1) x Flying LED Ball, (1) x USB Charger Cable