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LED Wall-Outlet Coverplate With Built-In Light Sensor - No Batteries Required!

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  • 45 x 1 Pack
  • 22 x 2 Pack
Turn any wall-outlet into a night light! This LED wall-outlet coverplate installs in seconds, automatically turns on/off and keeps sockets free for use. It installs easily, just snap it on. No wires, no batteries, no mess. Perfect for bathroom, hallways, kitchens, stairways and more!

Unlike traditional night lights, this innovative device doesn't stick out or take up an outlet space. Leave both your outlets free, while lighting up your home. Equipped high quality LED lights that are engineered to last up to 100,000 hours so you won't have to worry about replacing them. Each LED wall-outlet cover has 3 soft-white super bright led lights. The light sensor automatically turns the night lights on and off. It fits all standard outlets and gets it's power from the outlet itself. The LED lights are also energy-efficient, and will use far less energy than existing night lights.

  • Turn any wall-outlet into a night light!
  • Easily create lighted pathways in your home
  • Great for: Hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, childrens' rooms, kitchens, stairways, basements, garages, offices, and more!
  • Convenient & Practical Design - leaves your outlets free for use
  • Automatic light sensor - turns on based on current light conditions
  • Easy-Installation - no wires or batteries required
  • Universal Fit - works with all standard outlets
  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Includes: Switch Plate
  • (3) Energy-Efficient soft-white super-bright LED bulbs
  • Power Source: 110-volt Plug
  • Light Bulb Type: LED
  • Available style: Oval plugs only (See first picture for reference)