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Luxury Wish Pearl In Oyster Necklace Gift Set

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This is one mystery gift that she will love! The special thing about a wish pearl is the mystery behind each individual gift set. Each set comes with a canned oyster with a one of kind freshwater pearl.

Each mystery gift kit has any one of these 5 different kinds of pearls:

  • White for Wisdom
  • Cream for Success
  • Peach For Health
  • Purple For Wealth
  • Black For Love

Ask that special someone to make a wish before they crack open their oyster to discover their very own beautiful genuine cultured freshwater pearl inside. Once you have removed the pearl from the oyster, you then insert it into the accompanying rhodium coated pendant. Makes a wonderful gift! 

The pearl oyster is sealed in vacuum pack and has a very long shelf life. No need to refrigerate.  


  • Each kit can have any one of the 5 mystery pearls
  • Exterior box design and color may very
  • Rhodium plated base metal
  • Black pearls are dyed
  • Pearl size Approx. 5.5 mm -  7.5 mm
  • Kit Includes: chain, pendant, and oyster + pearl in a can