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Multipurpose Anti-Bacterial Silicone Bath & Beauty Scrub

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  • 174 x Turquoise
  • 192 x Blue
  • 143 x Orange
  • 199 x Neon Pink
  • 147 x Green
  • 143 x 3 Pack (Assorted Colors)
  • 143 x 5 Pack (Assorted Colors)

Our super-soft and gentle silicone bath scrub is perfect for gentle and effective cleaning of yours and your child' delicate skin. Make each bath-time fun, calming and therapeutic with the Silicone  Scrub. Replace your stinky wash cloths with these silicone  scrubs. Silicone is mold resistant, antimicrobial and dry quickly, so these scrubs will not harbor any harmful or smelly bacteria.

Use your favorite cleanser and the Smart Silicone scrub to gently clean your face and body. The Smart scrub will be perfect to wash and deep clean your makeup brushes. Simply rinse your brushes with water, put some brush cleaner and rub it on the silicone smart scrub to deep clean all the makeup residue from your brushes. 


  • Made of flexible, durable silicone
  • 3,000 tiny silicone fingers which are extremely gentle on the skin
  • Bacteria and mildew resistant
  • Easily rinses clean 
  • No more unsanitary bath and beauty sponges!
  • Lasts longer than your typical bath sponge or scrubber
  • Set of 3 and 5 comes with assorted colours
  • 5 Available Colors: Green, Neon Pink, Blue, Turquoise and Orange