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Professional Grade Tungsten Carbide Knife Sharpener

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Have a drawer full of knives, but nothing sharp? Stop crushing your food instead of cutting it. Don't use fixed-edge sharpeners that grind down and destroy your knives. Introducing Professional Grade Tungsten Carbide Knife Sharpener, the innovative knife sharpener with independent spring-action arms that makes your old blades razor sharp again. It is not your generic knife sharpener. It's different from other knife sharpeners because it has two independent spring-action sharpeners made of ultra-hard tungsten carbide that flex and contour to any blade or angle. 

You can sharpen any knife blade using Professional Grade Tungsten Carbide Knife Sharpener - standard, beveled, or serrated! Give your old knives a makeover and transform them into razor sharp tools in seconds.


  • Sharpens standard knife blades
  • Unique, independent spring-action arm design
  • Made from ultra-hard tungsten carbide
  • Sharpens standard, beveled and serrated knife blades
  • Restore dull blades
  • Hone, sharpen & polish knives
  • Durable construction
  • With 2 independent spring action sharpeners
  • Easy to use