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Pin Art: 3-Dimensional Pin Sculpture

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  • 6 x Dark Pink
  • 2 x Light Pink
  • 2 x Orange
Here's a classic retro innovation, invented the 70's that will stimulate the imagination and challenge the senses.

The strong Pin Art casing secures thousands of blunt pins that you sink objects into to easily create your own awesome 3D impression. Unlimited image possibilities make this a truly addictive retro desktop gadget that will keep you busy for hours. By all means stick your face into it but that's soooo 1970's! There's a heck of a lot more that you can do with this bad boy, making it only as limited as your imagination. Here's a run down of our typical working week with our own Retro Pin Art: Monday - hand signal (Hey! It's Monday), Tuesday - Other Desktop Object, Wednesday - something from the kitchen, Thursday - Lego characters, Friday - Faces. We have to do the faces, we're traditional like that.

Unlimited image possibilities make pin art a gift idea for those hard-to-buy-for individuals or a great conversation piece at parties.

The Pinart 3-Dimensional Pin Sculpture board is tons of retro fun for all ages. Kids and adults alike will love coming up with unique ideas for pin art. Even looks great sitting on an office desk and perfect for stress relief! Create countless “drawings” using different depths with the metal pins.

  • 3-Dimensional Pin Art Sculpture
  • Uses hundreds of moveable pins to create 3D images
  • Constructed of safe plastic pins that are flat headed and feel smooth to touch
  • Pins are fitted into a sturdy plastic frame that is both lightweight and durable
  • Project a 3D image by applying pressure on one side and watch the pins create protruding patterns on the other side.
  • Dimensions: 3" x 5"
  • Available in 6 Colors: Orange, Blue, Red, Green, Light Pink, Dark Pink
  • Perfect for ages 5 and up
  • Looks great on any office desk or at your home
  • Makes a great gift